Welcome to Bluewire's Motor Carrier Reputation Survey

We are requesting 15 minutes of your time to complete this 100 question survey. We promise responses are quick and readily known to you. The survey is both anonymous (enter a nickname), and free. Responses are not tied to a specific motor carrier or a person. It can be completed by anyone employed by, contracted with, or providing legal or insurance services to a carrier.

All are encouraged to respond with a specific carrier in mind, but not identified. You are encouraged to complete the survey multiple times if you have a relationship with multiple carriers (DOT#'s) who you believe warrant different responses.

Nuclear verdicts are the result of attacks on vulnerabilities to a company's reputation.

Bluewire's mission is to champion your company reputation.

A motor carrier's reputation is derived from a wide variety of practices. Below are just a few of the reputational attack vectors that trial lawyers exploit in their quest for the big payout, the so-called nuclear verdict:

  1. Is the company in compliance with the federal safety regulations?

  2. What safety products and services are in use that go beyond compliance?

  3. How is public perception influenced by social media?

  4. What driver recruiting tactics are used and what does that messaging look like?

  5. Are the technologies in place utilized or is data collected but not acted upon?

  6. Is management focused on public safety and the safety of their drivers?


This information gathering exercise will begin to provide industry benchmarks:

  • Whatis in place across the industry

  • Where vulnerabilities to reptile attacks commonly exist

  • How we are collectively thinking about reputation as a deterrent

Aggregated and anonymous results will be posted immediately upon survey submission at bluewire.ai/reputation-survey-results for you to review. 

The more responses the better, please pass along the bluewire.ai/reputation-survey URL to your colleagues and co-workers. People within your company may have very different perceptions of your company's vulnerabilities. 

Thank you for taking the time. Let’s get this started!