Bluewire Connect

A forum dedicated to the defense of the trucking industry

Bluewire Connect is a first-of-its-kind members only forum for the North American transportation, legal defense and commercial auto liability insurance sectors. Our mission is to create a communication network to exchange information and share experiences, best practices and educational tips in defense of the trucking industry. 

Membership Benefits

Connect community members will receive the following benefits starting on day one:
  • Collaborate and share best practices with industry specialists on important defense topics
  • Incubate new ideas and procedures to benefit trucking safety and defense
  • Access educational courses from the industry‚Äôs most respected professionals
  • Stay up to date with the latest news throughout the transportation industry

Membership Qualifications

Membership is by application only. Qualified trucking industry professionals who meet the following criteria may obtain membership into Bluewire Connect:
  • You are employed by a motor carrier, insurer, defense firm, or allied supplier, or are nominated by someone in these roles

  • You serve the trucking industry in a defense litigation, safety, or risk management capacity 
  • You have a passion for defending the trucking industry

Apply Today

To join the Bluewire Connect community, complete and submit this membership application. Bluewire will review and accept qualified applicants only, access will be granted upon approval. 


Additional questions? Please reach out to us by email.